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Reservations & delivery


All Boats come with paddles and PDF Jackets.


Singles $15 per hour or $75 all day

     5 day week rental $325.00

Tandems $20 per hour or $100 all day

     5 day week rental $425.00

Canoes $20 per hour or $100 all day

     5 day week rental $350.00

Paddle Boards $15 per hour or $75 All Day

     5 day week rental $250.00

2 day rental of any $125 (Singles Only)

2 day rental Canoes and Tandems $180.00

Seniors and Military discount 10%

Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts 15% on 7 Boats on more. 

Paddle & Jacket Rental $5 per day

   *except holidays on 2 day rental price 

Free delivery in Lower Somerset County, Upper Somerset $1per mile past Marion. 

Delivery fee for Worcester or Wicomico County

Call 443-783-2486 or email today to make your reservation! 

Email is available for ease of communication but reservations require a confirmation via phone.

Kayak Trails.png

All Packages with a Packed Lunch-Boat-Paddle-Vest-Ex. Water

Yellow & Blue Trail -$90.00 per person

7 or more

Level 1-2 ~ 2 ½ Hr. Tour

Paddle to the Stack

Cedar Marsh$125.00 per person

Level 7-8

Johnson Creek - $75.00 per person

2.5 Miles Long

Level 5-7 ~ 3-4 Hour Tour

Kayaks, Canoes & Paddleboards

Birding kayak tours
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