Frequent Questions

  • We deliver and pick up the boats and take them to your location.

  • Payments are cash only, Please stop to our location when you arrived in town. Our address is 65 Richardson Ave-21817-Behind the PNC Bank.

  • You can do your information form and release form online and email to me ahead of time.

  • ONLY the responsible adult has to sign and fill out the form for all users of the boats that are rented in his or her group.

  • All PDF life jackets and paddles are included.

  • Park Campers, the boat must be delivered to the Marina of the Park on the Kayak rack and not to your site.

  • Do not drag the boat on the pavement or ground.

  • Park Campers, all small boats must be launched on the kayak launch pad, on the right side of the boat ramp.

  • Smith Island Tourist- We deliver the boat to the Captains, the Boat fee is a min. 2 Day fee. You must make arrangements with the boat Captain to transport your boat to and from your stay on the Island.